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Gamma Chapter raises over $15,000 for MDAThe Gamma Chapter had a proud conclusion to a successful 2016. The final summation of our fundraising efforts for the Muscular Dystrophy Association exceeded $15,000. This number placed us near the top of all other chapters across the nation. 

Recently, we returned from New Orleans having celebrated Convivium. The event was a hit, as we honored our spiritual founder Robert E. Lee close to his birthday. In the coming months, we have some traditional spring events as well as some new additions. The chapter will continue to host the Cowboy Ball on April 22 and invite potential new members to partake in the festivities.

Gamma legacy Young continues family's sports traditionBrandon Young, a well-rounded senior Bulldog basketball guard, is a throwback to the 1950s era of his grandfather – a fellow Gamma Chapter Brother – which means he is buttoned-down with hair trimmed neat and manners that make mothers swoon, an overachieving student-athlete whose priorities are what most adults would prefer all students to underscore.

Brandon gets high marks in the classroom. His coaches sing his praises for his all-around inclinations, which would have made his grandfather proud. Bill Young Sr. grew up with a single mother who worked two jobs to support him and his sister. Austerity hovered about, but positive attitude and due diligence were his partners when he took advantage of a football scholarship at the University of Georgia. The rest of the story is that B.Y., Bill Young senior’s nickname, which is also Brandon’s, became a highly successful businessman who learned that the value of hard work and the advantage of a degree could be difference makers in his life.

Gamma Chapter of KAO needs your supportBrothers, when you arrived at Georgia, you were ready for the academic challenge of the state’s flagship institution. However, you still weren’t quite satisfied. So you looked for something more. You found what was missing at Gamma Chapter, through the brotherhood of Kappa Alpha Order.

Does this sound like you? If so, we need your help.

Through the years, we have accomplished so much through you and others like you. Men who care about brotherhood, about friendship, about the house that we still call home. There’s so much more we can do, but we need continued support. Please donate by going here today.

Thank you so much for all you have given Gamma Chapter in the past; we hope we can count on you in the future.

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