How you can pay it forward to our Kappa Alpha Order actives

Kappa Alpha Order is a student-run, living-learning society that advances leadership skills, cultivates innovation, and promotes social responsibility by engaging the Kappa Alpha Order community and its resources through projects, events, and mentorship.  


  • Provides UGA students with experiences and knowledge so they can explore their potential outside of their core coursework. 
  • Prepares UGA students to be future leaders through innovation, collaboration and networking. 
  • Connects the students and alumni of Kappa Alpha Order  to build life-long relationships and networks at Kappa Alpha Order and throughout their careers. 

The alumni association aims to create a system that provides Kappa Alpha Order members with mentors at various levels throughout the UGA community to assist them in their personal, academic, and professional development, bringing together students, alumni and faculty.  

This mentorship program will:  

  • Assist with finding internships and first jobs 
  • Network to assist in mid-career support 
  • Develop leadership skills by starting a new organization that can have a meaningful impact to the Kappa Alpha Order community and college life across the nation 
  • Establish a network of relationships with students, alumni, faculty, and the administration that will support actives while at Kappa Alpha Order and throughout their career 
  • Build life-long relationships gained through a living learning organization that goes beyond the years spent at UGA 
  • Enable actives to gain unique, meaningful, practical, resume-enhancing experience 
  • Enhance personal and professional development through a structured mentoring program that includes students, alumni, and faculty 

 We are seeking brothers who would like to join our mentor program, as well as an alumni mentoring coordinator. Please contact Hunter Hopkins at [email protected] if you would like to be part of this transformative program.