Donor Spotlight: Fred Sims ’86

We want to take this time to say THANK YOU to Fred Sims ’86 for his continued support of Gamma Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order over the years. We recently caught up with Fred and asked him about where life has taken him, Kappa Alpha Order memories, and what Gamma Chapter means to him today. Here’s what he had to say.  

Why have you remained so dedicated to Kappa Alpha Order?

Fraternities were something I did not think I would enjoy, and man was I wrong. Kappa Alpha bid night is still such a fine memory. The very serious attitudes and stares when the question was asked, the quick shirt change to the gold and crimson, then immediately getting carried down the stairs and tossed high, all the while being doused with an abundance of spirits.  It just immediately felt like a family and it was.

How has being in Kappa Alpha Order changed your life? 

KA gave me some confidence and also made me realize I was only one of many young men trying to find my way. I just felt the closeness of the group and how it really was a big family. Playing against the SAE’s in the freshman football game with the elder KA’s cheering us on was another great memory.